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Influencing people and conquering market!
Boost your business using a channel of opportunities, strategies, tools and technologies that are revolutionizing business on the Internet. Innovative strategies, of the highest quality and everything
100% Guaranteed and with Proven Success.

*Copywriting Strategies

*Psychological Triggers Kit

*Strategies for Persuasive Words 

*Persuasive Ads + High Conversion Headlines

*Seo Youtube Videos Step by Step

*Strategies for Target Audience and Persona

*Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections

*Exclusive / Complete Social Media Marketing Kit

*Call To Action Strategies

 *Copy to Sales Page  *Copy To Email Stream

*Sales Video Script 

*Storytelling and the Hero's Journey

*Upsell, Downsell and Cross Sell

*300 Custom Thumbnails for Youtube Videos

*The Art of Public Speaking

*Professional PDF Ebook Templates

*Over 70 Email Templates To Get Inspired

*Time and Productivity Management, Trello, Evernote and Google Keep

*Sales Strategies

*Generation of Leads and Email Campaigns

*Entrepreneurial Mindset

* Google My Business

*Customer Satisfaction Survey

*Consumer behavior

*70 Video Templates

 *Bonus Incredible

 *High Resolution Image Bank

 *Marketing Graphics / PSD Templates

 *Headline Title Generator

 *Youtube Video Tag Generator

  *Subject Line Generator for E-mails

  *Scripted Voice Word Counter

An Irresistible Offer With Surprising Results

Direct and Real Strategies, All in PDF Files, Clear and Objective.

A set of incredible strategies that any professional would like to have on hand to increase sales considerably.

This product was designed to help any person, regardless of their profession or the segment of their business. One thing is certain, with the use of social media in a professional manner, with valuable content, persuasive strategies and with the right method, anyone can leverage their internet business. If you want to stand out from the crowd and get a steady stream of great new customers, here is an incredible opportunity, with all the necessary resources, the tools and strategies most used and proven by Digital Marketing professionals and specialists to Double or even triple your revenue. It is possible to create a powerful structure capable of attracting the right audience and guide them through the process of buying your product in a smooth way and without having to force a sale.

We decided to reduce the price to ZERO for a VERY limited time and offer you the chance to get everything at an unbelievable discount ...This offer ends in:

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Who I am and why you should hear me

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Hi, I'm Wilson Guimarães, Graduated in Business and Entrepreneurship Management (Emphasis on Marketing and Sales) I'm an Internet Business Specialist, Digital Marketing, Website Creation, Strategies, Design and Innovation, since 2012. Today I have some profitable and reliable partnerships, but it was not always so. Only after a few years, mistakes and successes, can I say that I am sure of great opportunities. The certainty about the strategies, techniques, tools, resources and businesses that really work on the Internet, above all, are sustainable and prosperous. And in fact they make a difference in the lives of many people, it has made a difference in my life and it will certainly make a difference in your life too.

Some Certificates


If you use partner networks as practical solutions to sell more, then these digital assets are a must to add to your arsenal. Have you ever imagined the power of Social media! This is a powerful channel because 78% of those on the Internet use a social media. In addition to being a space where people spend a lot of time online: 9 hours and 30 minutes daily, 3 hours and 30 minutes are dedicated to social media. If the internet has transformed people's daily lives, what about companies? Now imagine also having ready-to-use resources in all your sales campaigns, making real profitable campaigns using persuasive power and mental triggers, an exclusive / complete Partner Network Marketing Kit, persuasive ads that sell, high conversion headlines, Strategies for Target Audience and Persona, Strategies to overcome sales objections, access to a high resolution image bank, personalized thumbnails for videos on youtube, professional ebook templates, email templates, Mental Triggers Kit + Persuasive Words, Seo Youtube Videos Step by Step, Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Time and Productivity Management, Trello, Evernote and Google Keep, The Art of Public Speaking, Upsell, Downsell and Cross Sell, Call To Action, Storytelling and the Hero's Journey, Generation Leads and E-mails campaigns, Copywriting + Sales Strategies and also several techniques and Strategies to increase the power persuasion and apply in your business.

Finally imagine the following: having in hand scripts that have already generated millions of dollars in sales, everything ready for you to use in your business, Script for Sales Video, Copy for Sales Page, Copy for Email Sequence and everything in just a few clicks: easy as copy and paste. Unlimited Creative Power now at your fingertips. Can you imagine for a minute, how much easier, economical and profitable it is, when someone has already done all the hard work and prepared everything for you to achieve Business Success ??

Reasons Why You Should Make This Investment, What Are The Main Benefits And Why Is This Offer So Valuable
This is an offer new, unlike anything on the market, that you will never find available on the internet, all in one place, with resources and strategies already tested and proven. Check it out and Get Instant Access Now.
#1 Have the weapons of persuasion in hand and use the right strategies for sales scripts and campaigns.

#2 Increase your sales quickly and remove the creative barrier once and for all.
#3 Have excellent cost-benefit, realize the value attributed if compared to the price.
#4 Save time and money to produce content that will convert into sales.
#5  Achieve a strong online presence, visibility and customer loyalty.
#6 Develop relationship with the audience and generate engagement.
#7 Build a qualified and targeted audience.
#8 Stand out from the competition.
#9 Count on a super heated market.
#10 Get long-lasting results.
#11 Compete with larger companies.
#12 Attract audience for free.
#13 Gain brand authority.
#14Customize offers.
#15 Segment your audience

Just take a careful look at each detail and you will realize the value attached compared to the price. I was careful to prepare and select the best one, so that your sales campaigns have the expected results. And especially so that you don't waste your time, because time is money! This is my job and I love what I do. We want you to make Irresistible Offers and have Amazing Results.

See Here Everything You Get From This Offer

The biggest and best online marketing strategies in the world for your business to sell more. The best and most complete social media marketing kit for your company to increase sales.

Copy for Sales Page + Copy for Email Sequence + Script for Sales Video 

Here you have over 40 persuasive high-power sales / story script templates that generate conversion. Just be inspired by your creativity to create sales campaigns that convert. You will easily produce all content for: upsell / downsell sales funnels, product launches, email sequences, sales videos, webinars, live events, ad templates, lectures, presentation scripts and more. All using copywriter techniques, (the mental triggers). Also learn what upsell and downsell  how, why and where to use.

High Conversion Headlines. 

Incredible techniques for you to convince your customer to buy without the least resistance and still able to double or even triple your profits, with any ad, anywhere, emails, website and social networks. Highly Persuasive Headlines (irresistible texts that lead anyone to buy anything, a revolutionary strategy to convince your customer to buy without the slightest resistance). An exclusive set of Headlines with over 400 Text Templates to get inspired, just copy and paste. Another series of ready and editable templates such as images, psd file for you to be inspired, make ads and write persuasive Sales pages capable of doubling or even tripling your sales in a matter of days.


*Modelos e exemplos de Headlines prontas para se inspirar .
*Headlines Para Copy de Vendas 105 modelos com exemplos.
*Como Escrever Títulos Impossíveis de Serem Ignorados.
*As 10 fórmulas de Headlines.
*regra dos titulares de 80 20.
*350 modelos de Hadlines para copiar e colar. 
*110 Manchetes do blog que chegaram a 50.
*10 fórmulas para criar headline para qualquer texto.
*5 truques para escrever ótimas headlines.


And to get even better, you can count on Persuasive Words kit and also the gerador de Headlines, with all this it is impossible not to get the expected results!

Copywriting Strategies

We are a family owned and operated business.
Copywriting is content written and transmitted through online media or printed materials. This type of writing is often used to persuade a person or group, as well as to increase brand reputation.
We are a family owned and operated business.
Unlike what some people think, knowing how to influence and persuade someone is not a “gift” reserved only for some, it is a skill that anyone can develop.
We are a family owned and operated business.

*12 powerful Copywriting tips to boost your sales.
*12 Examples of Copywriting to see in practice how to convert your readers.
*How to write texts that sell to increase your sales in a matter of days.
* How to structure a persuasive copy.
*How to use numbers in Copywriting to convince your readers.
* Copywriting how to create texts that sell.
* Strategies for copywriting.
* What is Copywriting
*book how to sell anything.Pdf

Consumer behavior

Consumer behavior is the study of when, why, how and where people decide to buy a product or not. It combines elements of psychology, sociology, economics and social anthropology. Tries to understand the buyer's decision-making process, both individually and in groups

* 5 marketing trends you need to know.
* 9 Customer retention strategies supported by research.
* What is consumer behavior.
* What is the market trend and its importance in marketing.
* Market trend research and the importance for your business.
* Main psychological factors that influence consumer behavior.

Storytelling and the Hero's Journey

*Creating a positive culture.

*The Hero's journey.

*How to tell the hero's journey in content marketing.

* How to use the hero's journey to create a good storytelling.

*The 12 Steps of the Hero's Journey applied to business.



*10 inspiring phrases about storytelling.

*How good storytelling can help your company grow.

*The concept of Storytelling.

*Storytelling principles applied to content creation.

* Storytelling is the most powerful way to engage consumers.

*Storytelling for Social Networks 5 tips to delight and engage your followers!

*300 Custom Thumbnail Templates for Videos on Youtube (In powerpoint format).

The cover images of your videos, the famous thumbnails, should always be designed thinking about how they will be viewed by the public on YouTube, it is the visual representation that most hits users in search results.

More than 300 professional thumbnail templates, ready to be edited and create an unlimited number of attractive, professional thumbnails to dramatically increase your results on YouTube.

There is no need to spend a lot of time on the design, just choose templates and perform three simple steps to create thumbnails that will make your video ready to explode traffic on youtube and impossible to ignore. There are several niches available and each model can be easily customized to suit your needs. Just publish and watch your channel grow, increase the number of subscribers, get more views on your videos and earn more money.

Generation of Leads and Email Campaigns

*10 Examples of Email Subjects That Generate Most Clicks.
*20 Types of Digital Rewards To create or increase an Email List.
*Why does digital reward work?
*Learn how to create a Quiz using Google Forms.
* Five Sales Email Templates to get you started and how to use them efficiently.
*How to create a Digital Reward in 3 Steps.
* How to structure a lead generation strategy.
*How to sell more in your emails.
* Difference between a lead and a prospectus (prospectus x lead).
* Lead generation can be the heart of your business.
*What makes a digital reward good or bad.
*The three main elements of irresistible email subject lines.
* Why invest in email marketing.

Now if you are thinking of creating a sequence of emails using also the mental triggers, you will find all this in Project Copy. Complete sequence with models of sales funnels, upsell, downsell and model of Gain, Logic and Fear.

And to further improve your campaigns, you'll use the Persuasive Subject Lines generator for emails.

More than 140 fully editable Professional Ebook templates. (PowerPoint)


Just customize and publish, hundreds of ready and editable templates. A well-designed e-book is a powerful tool for generating leads and guaranteeing to attract new customers. Create a professional looking ebook in minutes, templates created by designers. All done quickly and easily, without the need for technical skills or design. Get instant access now, there are more than 140 amazing and professional templates to completely customize them by changing images, fonts and styles.

You also have the offer: 70 Templates that you can use for various purposes too, from a professional presentation, to creating animated videos. And you will also have at your disposal the image library to further advance your creations. Everything you need for your project can be found here! Enjoy, recognize and ask.

Email Templates

*More than 70 email templates to get inspired.

*15 email templates for you to send to your customer.
*Sales email samples.

Here are just a few text ideas and email templates for you to adapt to your needs without wasting too much time thinking about what to write in the body of the email. But they still follow the funnel rules and also the use of mental triggers. Everything easy to get inspired, create and send to your customers. There are hundreds of examples of extremely persuasive emails all ready for you. And always accompanied by rich and updated content about email marketing campaigns and lead generation.

Now if you are thinking of creating a sequence of emails using also the mental triggers, you will find all this in Project Copy. Complete sequence with models of sales funnels, upsell, downsell and model of Gain, Logic and Fear.

And to further improve your campaigns, you'll use the Persuasive Subject Lines generator for emails.

Strategies for Persuasive Words 

A complete kit with the most persuasive words and separated by categories, know the emotions they provoke and how to build persuasive phrases and texts for any type of business. This goes beyond keywords that work as insights, they are words that naturally connect with the audience, arousing an immediate interest in acting.


Persuasive / surprising / advertising words

Within the advertising context, we call an advertisement the piece of written, oral or visual communication that communicates about a brand, product or service. You may be losing a lot of sales simply because you don't know, how to use the power of persuasive words, classified by emotional triggers to create a text that really has the power to convince people.

*10 ways to convert more customers using psychology.

*Persuasive writing uses elements that contain the power of persuasion.

*The psychology of personalization.

*Interviews are the fastest and most effective way to identify emotional motivators.

*The most used persuasive words in the business world.

*Success criteria for writing a persuasive argument.

Time and Productivity Management, Trello, Evernote and Google Keep

* How to get organized at work.



*Evernote more organization and productivity.
*How to use Evernote for Gmail.
*Evernote more organization and productivity.
*Using Evernote.


Google Keep

Google Keep record your ideas wherever you are.
*How to use Google Keep.



*Trello, task management tool.
*How Trello works 4 functions.
*How to use Trello in times of crisis.
*How to use Trello for projects.
*Eisenhower matrix learn to make more assertive decisions
*Step-by-step GTD method learn about David Allen's methodology.
*Why you need to start using a decision journal.
*Trello how to use step by step.
*Trello, task management tool.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

*How we are doing.
*How was your service.
*Ten simple steps to create a survey.
*Product market research model.
*Service market research model.
*Customer satisfaction model.
*Model What do you think of our brand.
*Satisfaction survey model (products and services).
*Guest Satisfaction Model.
*NPS and Satisfaction Survey what it is and how to implement it.
*Customer satisfaction survey with Google Forms.

Google My Business Anywhere, Anytime

*Google My Business to make your business stand out in search results

*Google my Business the step by step for you to put your company on the map today

*How to appear on Google 4 tips to promote your company's website

*Get Found on Search and Maps

*How to add or claim your business on Google
*How to edit and update your business information on Google
*How to verify your business on Google

100% Guaranteed and Proven Success. The most used smart strategies, resources and tools, tested and proven by Digital Marketing specialists and the best Marketing professionals in the world, to double or even triple your revenue. It is possible to create a powerful structure capable of attracting the right audience and guide them through the process of buying your product in a smooth way and without having to force a sale.

Persuasive Ads 

Here you have more than 400 persuasive ad templates to get inspired and create campaigns as needed. It has a series of precious tips for making ads on Facebook and instagram, as well as several high conversion ad models and pasture models that generate engagement

A series of Persuasive Ads, ready and editable for you to create campaigns without the least effort. Persuasive Ads That Sell, a technique focused on ads capable of generating immediate sales using psychological triggers.

You will have in hand the strategies that the highest paid professionals in the market use to generate 5 digits of monthly earnings from their work. The moment you start applying the strategies, you will be able to attract more customers, charge more, close more sales and increase your profits every month…

*High-converting ads.

*Know the Aida methodology.

*High conversion headlines.

*Hypnotic patterns used by psychologists, professional marketing entrepreneurs and salespeople.

*8 surprising discoveries for writing powerful ad headlines on Facebook.

*10 powerful strategies to conquer, convince and influence anyone.

*10 grazing titles guaranteed to get you results.
*104 persuasive title templates for you to sell more.
*The mechanics of persuasion.
*The psychology of sales and the tacit of marketing.
*The 9 best persuasive writing techniques for you to apply to persuasive texts and ads.
*How the Pain x Pleasure Relationship can help achieve sales.
How to increase your ad engagement.
*How to identify the customer's real problem.
*Who is Robert Cialdini.
*Reason X Emotion How is the consumer decision process.
Hypnotic language to increase your sales.
*Tips for prospecting customers.
*Hypnotic patterns to apply in your business.

Sales Strategies


*Strategies for target audience and persona.
*Hypnotic patterns used by psychologists, professional marketing entrepreneurs and salespeople.
*4 tactics to make service tangible.
* 5 Steps to Increase Your Sales.
*5 marketing trends you need to know.
*12 high impact sales strategies to use in your business.
*The 7 Phases of the Sale.
*Reaching the target audience.
* How to define your marketing strategy.
*How to know when customers are ready to buy.
*Sales closing tips.
* Marketing strategies to attract customers.
*Strategies for content marketing.
* Case study as social proof.
* Online sales model.
* The 4 pillars of digital presence.
* Principle of tension.
* Closure principle.
* Price psychology.
* Sales wisdom.
* Negotiation Tactics.
* Closing techniques.

Strategies for Overcoming Sales Objections

Objections are signs of interest! It is necessary to work them carefully, as they are statements that communicate the existence of a problem that needs to be solved for the sale to occur.

* Tips for getting around objections.

* Strategies to kill the main classic sales objections.

* What are objections and how do they prevent you from making sales.

*Objection Handling Process

* Handling objections.

Strategies for Target Audience and Persona

While the target audience gives more general information about your ideal customer, the persona brings a greater level of detail.

*Benefits of working with persona and target audience.

*Full Persona briefing.

*How to build personas.

*How to choose between target audience and persona.

*Discovery about my Persona.

*Difference between Target audience and Persona.

*What are persona and target audience.

*The 8 personality types, according to Carl Jung.

The Art of Public Speaking 

Public speaking is the power of public speaking, its goal is to know how to convince anyone on any subject.

*8 steps to create the script for a presentation.

*12 tips to make an interesting lecture.

*13 strategies for speaking well in public.

*The art of public speaking.

*Learn how to organize a lecture and avoid the nervousness of public speaking.

*How to make presentations in public.

*How to become a professional speaker.

*Strategies for planning a lecture.

*How much a speaker earns.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you need to !!

Get motivation and strength to do what needs to be done every day.

Keep the focus on the goals to achieve the goals.

Develop habits of winning people.

Be an exemplary leader and win the admiration of your followers.

Stop procrastinating.

Prevent external influences from spoiling your day.

*Inside the Entrepreneur Mindset.

*Before the Habit comes a Mindset.

*Mindset Building the Ideal Mindset for Success.

*Growth mindset the ideal mindset for success.

*Mindset- Understand the concept and how to use it to your advantage.

*The mental attitude to ebook success.

*The Science of Getting Rich Wallace D Wattles Complete Audiobook.

*The science to get rich.

*The Importance of Mindset.

*The Law of Triumph- Introduction and Preface Audio Book Napoleon Hill.

Audiobook- The secrets of the millionaire mind.

*Creating a positive culture.

*Basic emotions.

*Techniques of change.

*Techniques to change minds

*7 steps to developing self-confidence with coaching

Call To Action Strategies

It works as a kind of request for the visitor, prospect or customer to take some action in relation to your company.

* How to create a CTA that enhances engagement.

* How to put exclusivity to work on your call to action.

*Call-to-Action in the conversion and sales process.

* 50 call to action templates.

Seo Videos on Youtube Step by Step

Um Checklist completo.

Step by step to rank your videos and get excellent search results! From basic to advanced.

It is not enough to just look at the title and choose good tags, there are other factors that determine whether or not your video will appear in the first results of a search. That's why I prepared content with the best seo techniques for YouTube.


*Complete seo checklist for videos on youtube.

*Tools for searching keywords.

*Online headline generator.

You also have immediate access to the 300 Custom Thumbnail Templates for Videos on Youtube. Now you can see the value attributed to this offer so far! Really an irresistible offer, all prepared with the best, so that you get the best results and without wasting time. Get it now for a limited time!

Upsell, Downsell e Cross Sell 

*Como fazer um upsell.

*Estratégias de vendas com cross selling.

*O que é cross-sell descubra como aumentar os resultados de *vendas.

*O que é downsell.

*O que é um upsell e como aplicar esta técnica.

*Por que fazer upsell.

*Qual a diferença entre upsell e cross sell.

*Quando fazer um upsell.

*Upsell downsell e Cross sell.

70 Templates for Videos and Presentations (PowerPoint).

High quality, ready-made, editable solutions. Create a dynamic presentation quickly with professional projects.

70 Incredible Interactive Slideshow Templates for you to create animated videos, professional presentations and high-converting ingram, for any business need in minutes. Best way to create almost any type of video, presentation or attractive graphic for your business, all done quickly and easily.

*Using Animations in PowerPoint.
*Create custom animation effects.


You also have the offer: 140 Ebook templates to create totally professional ebooks. And you will also have at your disposal the image library to further advance your creations. Everything you need for your project can be found here!

Psychological Triggers Kit

A complete kit with all the techniques and strategies for you to learn the secrets of psychology used by advertising agencies to earn a lot of money selling anything to anyone.


Do you think that the ads you are seeing today are just beautiful images with a creative and pleasant copy? You are mistaken. The truth is that you are being powerfully influenced by dozens of scientific principles proven by advertising psychology ... little-known consumer persuasion techniques that go completely unnoticed by the buying public.

Understand exactly what they are doing and how they are doing it, how millions spend huge amounts of money every day on countless products and services!

That is why arguments supported by evidence, statistics and facts are presented. Persuasion is used to generate:

  • Reciprocity - emotionally move people by giving them something;

  • Commitment - make a small commitment and then build your arguments on it. People don't want to go back on their initial commitment, so they are more likely to agree to new terms;

  • Social Evidence - testimonials from trusted people;

  • Authority - clear and perceived expertise;

  • Empathy - people are more likely to buy if they like you, so be friendly;

  • Shortage - of the product, supply or time; it doesn't have to be real, just noticeable.

These are the basic principles of persuasion by Robert Cialdini that guide our decisions and actions.

*5 simple steps to boost your sales with the power of persuasion
*10 Powerful Persuasion Strategies.
*The Art of Convincing.
*The art and science of delighting customers.
*The importance of mental triggers in the sales process.
*The mechanics of persuasion.
*The psychology of color in marketing and brand.
*The weapons of persuasion audiobook full summary.
*The Weapons of Persuasion - Robert B. Cialdini PDF.
*How emotions influence what we buy.
*Mental triggers explanations.
*Mental triggers that will increase your sales.
*Infographic 6 features of the brain.
*The power of emotional marketing.
*What are mental triggers and how to use them in your business.
*Main triggers to apply in your business and increase your sales.
*Which Mental triggers to use to master the art of persuasion and boost your sales.

These are the basic principles of persuasion by Robert Cialdini that guide our decisions and actions.

Objective: Increase your sales and Generate More Profits effectively, Attract + Visibility for your brand + Highlight + Presence + Reputation and a lot + Profits for your business.

Testimonials / what they are saying !!

It is amazing how completely I was doing everything wrong when it comes to learning about digital marketing. This is amazing. I have hopes now. Before buying your product, I was desperate .... Now, I am 100% confident that this product will lead me to earn a lot. I was incredibly impressed with the content of this offer. It helped significantly when making all my disclosures on the internet. In three months I practically managed to double my business revenue! It far exceeded my high expectations. Michael Galann

Talking to a friend who had purchased this product, he told me that after five months of work, using the resources that the product offers and improving some marketing strategies that he already knew, he achieved excellent results. He also told me that within the entire offer there are resources for everything I can imagine to improve my sales campaigns. So I also decided to invest in this offer and I confess to you that in the first month I was very sad with the results. It was there that he gave me some tips and helped me to improve my posts on social media, I worked on the video thumbnails for youtube and Seo, mental triggers and Headlines. I soon realized that I just needed to understand and apply better what was precious and very valuable in this offer. From there the results appeared. I managed to sell in four months what I was taking 1 year to be able to sell. I am very happy with my results, it exceeded all my expectations. Even if I had paid double or triple what I paid, it would still have been worth it. 

Ellie Smith  

I work hard every month to earn a maximum of $ 5,000 a month. Until the moment I decided to change this situation and I searched the internet for a product that could help me with my disclosures. Mainly on instagram, fecebook and youtube. At the time that I found this product I thought it would be all I needed to increase my sales, but even with so many attractive offers I still had some doubts before buying. Will it really be worth the investment? Today, after 5 months, after my purchase decision, my billing has taken an incredible leap, from 5,000 a month to 20,000 dollars a month. I thank you every day because I was enlightened at that moment. In the first two months it was very difficult, even because I didn't have much experience in the digital medium, yet I got some reasonable results. However, after the third month, when I got to know practically everything that is in the offer, and also put everything into practice, that's when the best happened. It was just extraordinary and I thank you every day. Thank you so. Lauren s. 

Hey, I just wanted to say thanks again. Using all the resources and strategies to increase sales on the internet and social media, I managed to obtain wonderful results for my company. I took a big leap from where I was before I found this offer. The moment I found this offer I was surprised with so many possibilities to dramatically increase my revenue! I realized all the potential for growth through the internet and saw that I was not using even 50% of this potential for the growth of my business. Today my company has realized the importance of Internet Marketing and the most important thing is to know how to use the right resources and tools. Thank you so much for helping us with all this !! Rebecca Baty

+ Bônus Incredible.

High Resolution Image Bank (Bônus) 

Have in your hands a set with more than 5 thousand images, the perfect image to guarantee the success of your business.

A set of very high quality graphic elements, exclusive and with characteristics of Premium material. A library of images very rich in quality that you will never find available in searches, that everyone would like to have in their hands! Surely you will save a lot of time in creating your projects without mentioning the long searches for the ideal image. Everything separated into folders

Background Background High Resolution Images, Images of People and Gestures, Images for Business, Call to action, Exclusive Buttons and Icons, Perfect Image for Facebook Ads and Google Ads, Gifs / Business Images, Banners and Front Pages for Sites, Thematic Areas, Marketing Graphics and more.

Meet the 3 best image editors used by all marketers and learn how to compress an image to put on your website (the 7 sites for you to compress images online without losing quality and increasing the speed of your website).

Tag Generator for Videos on Youtube (Bônus)

​Youtube tag generator

All tags listed, used in YouTube videos so that you can optimize your tags and improve your video's position in YouTube search results (SEO), but also on Google and other search engines.

Keywords everywhere
We have listed the best tools with free plans to help you extract the best tags for your project, as well as several other features such as: finding keywords, checking search volume and analyze competitors. Also discover a free browser extension that integrates directly with Youtube to help you manage your channel with ease. Another amazing tool where you can find the main hashtags used on Instagram, using only keywords.

Unlock your video marketing potential and build a loyal consumer audience with tools that ignite your fan base and strategy to keep you on track.

Headline Title Generator (Bônus) 

Persuasive Headline Generator for Online Business
Create countless possibilities for headlines that catch anyone's eye. The generator ideas are a smart compilation of the largest Copywriting sites in the world, brought to you to streamline your creative process. Built fundamentally under the AIDA Technique (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action), this generator has the latest persuasion techniques for you to really win the click when building any title.

Here is our commitment to you: We are sure that whatever your previous experience and knowledge, you can easily understand and apply all concepts immediately. It is with this confidence that we offer our 100% guarantee and ZERO risk

Subject Line Generator for E-mails (Bônus)

That generate more clicks.

Better email subject lines to guarantee and increase your open rates. Marketers with higher open rates create subject lines that their subscribers simply cannot resist. (They are impossible to ignore) I have selected the best free tools here to help you create a perfect subject line. In addition to a guide using the influencing factors in email subjects and keywords that arouse curiosity and further increase open rates.

Influencing factors in email matters

  • Interest = Benefits + Curiosity

This is the factor over which we have greater control. To generate interest, we need to spell out the benefits and pique the person's curiosity when reading that topic.

  • Relevance

This factor has a lot to do with the continuous openness and engagement of your contacts with emails. About their experience with their emails.

  • Reputation = Relevance - Frustration

Reputation is a long-term influencer. To build it in a positive way, it is necessary to focus on increasing its relevance and reducing frustration.

  • Emotion

It is scientifically proven that emotions generate more lucid memories. And obviously, we want to generate positive emotions for our contacts. Examples: ✉ Surprise! Mother's Day ♥

There are many studies that have purchased the effectiveness of using specific keywords from the subject line of the email.

Marketing Graphics / Templates PSD files editable (Bônus) 

An incredible collection of Premium Graphics: the emphasis here is quality and originality, everything was created by a team of highly talented designers, specifically for this occasion. So there are no ugly / cheap things - only incredible graphics were allowed within Graphics Marketing! There is an entire work of content with more than 500 design files within this offer. All placed in an organization easy to navigate. These fantastic graphics make it easy to create websites, blogs or great-looking projects, even without design experience! 


Headers, Feature Boxes, Product Benefits, Strong Titles, Sales Page Template, Transparent Boxes, Super Professional Facebook Timeline, Mobile Mockups, Watch this Video, 3D Letters and Numbers, Affiliate Boxes, Layer Styles, Map Elements, Testimonials, Call to action boxes, Square banners and Map elements. Everything to consolidate your online presence, with flashy fonts, big letters, highlights, Alert Signs, bonuses and much more.

Voice Over Script Word Counter

Want to know how long, on average, your script takes to read?


*Voice Over Script Word Counter
*5 tips for writing text for voice over

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