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                                                           Congratulations and Welcome to Opportunity Factory Online


Now is really the beginning of a great opportunity and I understand that you are indeed committed to starting a new perspective for your professional and financial life. So if you have come this far I know that quitting is not for you !!

ATTENTION: In this step it is extremely important to follow all the steps so that everything goes right.

Then see exactly how we will do it: First you will click this link and you will be directed to the Wix platform. At this time you need to open a platform account to start creating your site (Email and Password)

But if you have any questions please call me on WhatsApp or by Email I will help you.

Remembering that it is essential to use an email address that has NEVER been used before on the platform, make sure you have these details in order to upgrade to the premium plan. Also do not register on the platform using Facebook or Google accounts. If you feel better, open a new Email account with any provider. Just remembering that the cost for the Premium plan will be (R156,00 Reais Annual payment) for hosting the site including a free custom domain for one year. Here you can pay by bank slip or installment credit card. It is at the time of upgrade to the Premium plan that the platform immediately records the conversion.


So please let me know at the time of payment confirmation so we can start the bonuses and members area. Certainly at this moment the platform already immediately records this conversion. Please note that you must not cancel the Premium Plan for the first 14 days for conversion to be confirmed.

I am making it very clear to you why the main goal here is to be real partners. mostly make the best happen in your financial life. But I would not under any circumstances like to lose friendship and partnership


We work every day to help you unlock your potential and change your life, we are committed to your success and we want you to be happy with your decision. We believe in serious professionals, people who are committed to their goals and objectives. Therefore we also believe that this opportunity is for you.


Email: contato@fabricadeoportunidades.online


CNPJ: 28.037.373/0001-56